DIY mini tube amp kit

Buy a DIY mini tube amp kit here:

DIY mini tube amp kit

Just be sure to check the wattage of the guitar tube amp kit you’re bidding on or buying. Some of the units and projects on this page are higher wattage than 5 Watts. Also be sure to check what’s included: is there a power supply in the box? Is it a combo amp with a speaker or just the head? What about a chassis/cover? Are the valves used easily findable when you need replacement tubes?

Building your own mini guitar tube amp is a great project to take on and playing through an amp you’ve built yourself will give you a real buzz.

Soldering diy mini tube amp kit Photo by Bru-nO
Soldering diy mini tube amp kit Photo by Bru-nO

Small Tube Guitar Amp Kits

So who makes these small tube amp DIY kits? Well, there are many companies making small tube guitar amp kits today. Most of them are high quality. Have a look on YouTube to see what’s involved and how the finished amp is likely to sound.

If you want to build your first amp, start small. Amps like the Champ, Deluxe or a Blues Jr are great starting points for Fender style amps. Marshall offer 22W combo kit; they’ll help you get that lo-wattage plexi tone. If you want to spend more, you can find some other boutique and British style amp kits.

Mojotone is known for making some of the best guitar amp parts such as cabs, grillcloths and whole amp kits. Check out their tweed style kits, Blackface style kits, Marshall style kits, special project amp kits, and even their Mojo Bedroom Amp Kit.

Weber Speakers. The late great Ted Weber was well respected in the world of guitar speakers. He knew tone, he could reproduce it and innovated new-style tones. His Weber kits are no exception. Check out the Classic 1950’s USA Kits, Classic 60’s American Kits, Classic 60’s British Kits, Weber Original Kits, and Mod Kits.

Mission Amps. Bruce builds great amps and offers cool amp kits. Check out his Tweed 5E3 Chassis and Tweed 5E3 Combo kits.

Here’s a list of even more small tube guitar amp kits:

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