Larger Fender amps are often ‘soaked’ down to 1w, but they do also make a tabletop tube amp with a 4 inch speaker called the Greta. The makers of the Stratocaster also make an Eric Clapton endorsed Vibro Champ amp.

Jack F on YouTube says: “While the close proximity mic’ing sounds big, the speaker is what it is, a 4″ ceramic speaker. The mic’ing helps make it sound much bigger than it really is. While I don’t have a 412 cab to run it through, I do have a 110 with a Weber AliCo 10S and a 212 with a pair of WGS speakers (Retro 30 & Reaper) which sounds huge for 2 watts. I also like to run the LINE OUT to my Peavey 50 watt 212 Classic for gig level power.
Too bad they discontinued it, it really is a nice little practice amp or a decent preamp.”