Bugera V5

Behringer makes the Bugera tube amp and their 5 watt model is called the V5.

In the comments on this YouTube Page, Kirk Rosario says:
“I have this amp and find it to be the best value in low watt tube amps. Not only a great bang for your buck, but price aside, I dig this amp. With or without pedals, for what I play (just about everything but metal), it really shines as a bedroom amp, recording amp or a small venue club amp.”

Another comment about Bugera amps comes from Phishboy26, who says:
“I have the V5’s bigger brother the V22 and I’m not going to compare Bugera with Matchless, Soldano, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, or another company. All I’ve ever wanted in an amp is one that my guitar will shine through and the V22 makes my guitar wail even at bedroom level. I even use my Line 6 HD500 as a pre-amp making any amp on there sound great plus you can have a makeshift Roland JC120 by adding chorus. Don’t mistake Bugera for something that it’s not. Sure it’s not a $1200 amp but it does the job.”